Steelhead Irish Pub

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Take a step back to the old country, to the grassy green hills, friendly folk, and great beer. The Steelhead is located in the quaint village of Lewiston. You may be in North America, but you'll swear you are over in Ireland! This restaurant/pub is Irish food and drink at it's finest. If you're looking for a traditional Reuben (which I ordered), it can't be beat. They also feature a baked reuben which I had on my last visit. The steak fries served as a side were seasoned to perfection. The portions are exceptional, there was almost too much corned beef spilling over the side. The SH also features authentic Shepherd's pie along with Bangers and Mash for the Irish grandparents. Try the Dublin Stout soup. It is an onion soup with Guinness stout. How Irish can you get? The decor is reminiscent of an earlier time period across the pond, don't ya know!

Review by Ian Walpole

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