La Galera Mexican Restaurant

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La Galera (the galley in english) offers authentic mexican food with quick and friendly service. Prices are quite reasonable. Most of the lunch specials are under 5 bucks. Of couse you start eating as soon as you're seated the delectible chips and salsa. The salsa is of the thinner variety, but fresh and flavorful nonetheless. I normally order the beef taco and chicken enchilada with the rice and beans. The beef in the taco is always tender and savory. The decor of the interior is average, even though they did upgrade it. It's not the kind of place you go for a special occasion.

I arrived for lunch a little before 12 and they had a spanish television station on full blast. It was a spanish version of Jerry Springer (not that I watch it or anything) and was incredibly annoying. Before I had the chance, another customer asked to have it turned down. The owner and employees of La Galera are from the mexican state of Guanajuato. Not sure what that translates to flavor because many ethnic restaurants need to "americanize" their menu items. I guess I'll just need to investigate more in the future and report back. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Review by Ian Walpole

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