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If you're in Youngstown and you like coffee, check this place out. It's in an old antique house and is beautiful inside and out. There is indoor and outdoor dining as well, including a lounge with a comfy leather couch, chairs and a huge plasma TV on the wall. The kind of place that you don't want to leave. The owner, Ron Ashker has spared no expense making this a cozy environment. Their coffee is always brewed fresh, I highly recommend the "Jamaican Me Crazy" ! Each entree is homemade, try any of the breakfast sandwiches or wraps.
The service is top notch, very friendly. I go out of my way on occasion just to spend time here. Also check out the location on Center street in Lewiston and or the new place on 3rd Avenue in the Falls. Also I don't own this place or work here, I just appreciate good coffee, food and service. It seems to be in the minority these days.

Review by Ian Walpole

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  • Anonymous on January 10, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    Hey I love the site, I live in Youngstown and frequent Ashkers. Try their ice cream in the summer.


    Blythe Ashker on May 2, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    My dad told me that his great grandfather started this place! I can't wait to come visit it! My name is Blythe Ashker, my dad is Gerald Ashker Jr. Im currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. My husband and I plan to stop by sometime in the near future!

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